"There is no substitute for experience
         when it comes to your safety and security."

Michael Reiter and Associates

Security · Crisis Management   Investigation

Michael Reiter and Associates:

  • Provides information and operational resources necessary to mitigate risk and deliver solutions on short notice  
  • Understands client needs and tolerance level for security measures to effectively and discreetly protect life and property
  • Maintains a global network of government, private security and intelligence contacts throughout the world with specialization in North America and Europe 
  • Carefully protects client privacy and confidentiality​
  • Emphasizes Prevention

Security · Crisis Management · Investigation

Global security advisors

  Michael Reiter, Founder and President

Michael Reiter and Associates are global security advisors specializing​​​ in the protection of high net worth individuals and their organizations. The team at Michael Reiter and Associates includes former state and local law enforcement officers, special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Secret Service, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, military special forces personnel and other security experts.